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Thanks for taking the first step into the world of MHNHN. This is just one of the first steps at launching a bigger concept on a smaller scale. Not a big production, but rather a bigger presence. This can then spread to a much broader audience, like you! The goal is to network creative minds in creative ways, while going against the grain and continuing to evolve with fresh new ideas while sharing them utilizing different means.

The overall conceptual plan is to turn into an online gallery of sorts, but that is all I can tell you for now. So if you would like to receive periodic updates as to what is happening behind the scenes, as well as get insight on up and coming projects that you can participate in or would like to know about, then please sign up to this mailing list.

We welcome artists, art lovers, and people who enjoy creative expression.

Thanks for your participation, and I look forward to filling you in on the growth of this new endeavor. ~ Ralski

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MHNHN © (Imagination) is a home for: Underground Artists, Galleries, Curators, Art Collectives, and other artistic entities. They should be willing to merge as a united family of creative individuals and go outside of the box in order to share common interests and explore their imagination. In turn, this can be shared with an audience that appreciates that creative expression, and is willing to share it with their family, friends and loved ones. There is no exclusivity, and no restrictions. We encourage collaborations, personal submissions and any insight for the community as a whole. This is your place to network, learn, and share your MHRE © and XPLOR your MHNHN. Welcome, and enjoy. \m/